About Us

La clique mobile is a company born from the union of two photographer friends that develops and above all meets the needs of the real estate market for real estate photography. The photograph of a property for sale is a marketing tool that must be thought out and planned to be effective and have immediate results. With our years of experience in the field, we have created a unique recipe to increase your visibility with brand images.

A team of photographers, videographers, retouchers and graphic designers are at your disposal to offer you a turnkey service.

La clique mobile is:

Professional Service

Respect for places

Quick delivery

An experienced team that attaches importance to each property to facilitate the sale. Photograph taken in HDR.

Our photographers take care of the premises to optimize the enhancement of each of the rooms.

Your photos will be delivered within 24 hours of the shooting. Integration of photos on Centris at no additional cost.

La Clique Mobile is a real estate photography company, member of the Urbanimmersive group since 2021.

Urbanimmersive is a family of owned brands driven by passionate employees and independent visual content providers - each with rich industry experience and knowhow.

By combining Urbanimmersive's technology innovation with operational know-how, the brands forming the Urbanimmersive group are uniquely positioned to help customers across a broad range of verticals, from both residential and commercial real estate, local businesses, hotel, resorts to crime scene investigation, serious games and much more.