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Showcase your properties for sale using the latest technology.

With our full line of real estate photography solutions, you will be able to showcase your properties for sale. Our services include everything through HDR photography, Single Property Websites, Immersive 3D Tours, Floor Plans, Portrait and Virtual Staging.

HDR photography

HDR Photo HDR Photo

A photo to say it all

The first look is the most important. It is therefore essential to have photos that show your listing from its most beautiful angles. Our professional real estate photography team will exceed all of your expectations.

High-quality HDR photos

Blue skies for outdoor shots

List of HDR Photos plans

15 photos

(Less than 1,499 sq.ft.)


20 photos

(1,500 - 2,500 sq.ft.)


25 photos

(2,501 - 3,500 sq.ft.)


35 photos

(3,501 - 4,500 sq.ft.)


50 photos

(5,001 - 5,500 sq.ft.)


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Single Property Websites

Design Exemple Design Exemple

The best way to showcase a property

A property is a set of factors! In order to create a link quickly and to ensure interest in a property, the Single Property Website service is defined as the ideal sale! School districts, proximity to services and neighborhood information are good examples that certainly add special curiosity to your buyers! Our Single Property Website perfectly presents these needs in a simple, yet effective interactive experience!

Multiple beautiful designs are available

Includes a high-quality printable flyer

Designs are fully customizable according to your needs

Receive a performance statistics report by email

Included in our Combo packages

*After 3 years, La clique mobile reserves the right to charge a hosting fee for the property website. You may elect to not pay the hosting fee, in which case the property website will be deactivated.

Immersive 3D Tours

A property has character! Immersive 3D Tours offer an impeccable visual experience that will make your potential buyers feel the energy of the property!

The Immersive 3D Tours service is at the heart of the modernity of the real estate market! From the comfort of their own home, buyers can visit the premises while taking part in an impressive virtual experience! The seller will only receive visits from potential customers who are most interested in the property!

Each 3D Tour includes :

Add the Real social media option offered from $60. You get a short video of the visit for your social networks.

Floor Plans

Floorplan Example Floorplan Example

Seize the perfect opportunity to add perspective to your 3D tour!

Our floor plans are made directly from your 3D tour! In order to give the most impressive interactive browsing experience, it will be automatically added to the single property website and will be integrated into the immersive 3D tour!

Included in our Combo packages

Corporate Portrait

Portrait Example

Inspire customer confidence at first sight

Building a relationship of trust with your customers begins with your image. Highlight your portrait with our photography services. Photo session lasting 30 minutes. A final retouched image is included.

$20 for each additional retouched image*

*Taxes are not included.

Virtual Staging

Transform your environments

The property has immense potential, but the decoration isn't on point? Virtual staging is the service you need! Whether it is to add or remove elements from a room, this service is quick and accessible! The staging brings consistency and sparkle to the house! The possibilities are immense, just like the potential of the house! Without physically moving to make significant changes, virtual staging allows you to create without having to travel!

Starting at $45 per picture

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